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We are New York’s award-winning, #1 provider for employee biometric screenings. Your employees will get the information they need to better understand their own health, while you’ll get the insight you need to keep your workforce healthy and productive. Plus, with 40 convenient locations throughout the city, we’re right down the street from wherever your employees are.

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When drug testing, physicals, TB testing, vaccines, fit testing (the list goes on) can all be found in one place, everybody’s happy. We make it easier for you than any other provider, and give you guaranteed cost savings.

Let us prove it with a free evaluation of your current program.

A closer look at biometric screening:

A biometric screening is a 7–15-minute exam which gives your employees a look at basic health indicators and possible risk factors. There are 2 components to a biometric screening exam:

1. Vitals/Measurements

  • Height
  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Blood Pressure 
  • Waist Circumference

2. Blood draw

  • Total Cholesterol
  • HDL (Good Cholesterol)
  • LDL (Bad Cholesterol)
  • Glucose
  • Triglycerides

NYC Occ Health Expertise SINCE 1984

You’re a New Yorker. You go faster and work harder. You need a partner who runs at your pace.

We work here. We live here. We understand you.

Since 1984, our dedicated occ health expertise has been going to work as hard as you do every day.


We’re NYC’s #1 provider for a reason. For decades, we’ve put New York employees and their results first, with industry-leading result turnaround in 48 hours. 

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40 NYC Locations. Easy & Accessible.

We have the largest dedicated occ-health footprint in the City right next to mass transit. Walk-in appointments. Compliance Management. We make it easier for you than any other provider.

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48-Hour Results

Our average turn around time for results is 48 hours paired with the largest dedicated occupational health team in the city. Why would you go anywhere else when we get you results faster?

Comprehensive Wellness Programs

Streamline your wellness program through one provider with Mobile Health. Biometric screenings, flu vaccinations, plus any other medical employment screening – physicals, vision exams, respirator fit testing and more. Ready to streamline your program? Our occupational health experts are awaiting your call.

Explore tailored solutions for your industry

OSHA-compliant services at 40 conveniently placed clinics throughout the city. Drug testing, hearing and vision, respirator fit testing, physical abilities testing and more. Every service you need to screen and clear employees in 48 hours or less.

All services under one roof to clear your students for clinicals faster than ever. Tuberculosis testing, respirator fit testing, drug screening, vaccines and titers, plus any other screening your students need. And with 40 locations throughout the city, there’s bound to be a clinic just a few blocks from campus.

Let NYC’s #1 employment screening provider clear your candidates in record time. Drug testing, plus every other medical employment screening, with results in 48 hours or less in 40 convenient locations throughout the city, located right near mass transit.

Ensure OSHA and DOH-compliance with NYC’s #1 employment screening provider. Our comprehensive occ health services are backed by decades of clinical excellence in the industry – respirator fit testing, vaccines and titers, physicals, tuberculosis testing, drug testing and more. Every screening your candidates need in one appointment, with convenient locations all throughout the city.

Comprehensive OSHA-compliant screenings, with results in 48 hours or less. Mobile Health has everything to screen and clear your employees in one single appointment – drug testing, respirator fit testing, physical ability testing, hearing and vision, and more. All backed by decades years of clinical excellence.

Drug testing, audiograms, respirator fit testing, and physical abilities testing all happen in one appointment in any of our 40 convenient locations throughout the city. And with cost savings guaranteed, why wouldn’t you work with NYC’s #1 employment screening provider?

With occupational health expertise dating back to 1984, you can count on our drug testing, physicals, hearing and vision tests, and more. Everything you need to clear employees all in one comprehensive appointment. Occ health has never been so easy.

No matter who you’re staffing, we have you covered. Every employment screening, all over the city, with 40 locations across the five boroughs right near mass transit. Physicals, drug testing, respirator fit testing, audio and vision, vaccines, and more, all in one comprehensive appointment. And with industry-leading results turnaround in 48 hours or less, your candidates will be on the job faster than ever before.

Let NYC’s #1 employment screening provider clear your candidates in record time. Drug testing, plus every other medical employment screening, backed by decades of clinical excellence. The best part? You’ll get results in 48 hours or less.

Comprehensive DOT exams with results in 48 hours or less. Mobile Health has everything to screen and clear your drivers – drug testing, audio and vision screening, and more. All through one comprehensive appointment at any of our 40 locations throughout the five boroughs.

Don’t see your industry? Click here to contact a Mobile Health team member so we can build a comprehensive occ health program customized to your needs.

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Mobile Health started in New York in 1984, and we’ve been growing with the city ever since. With every occupational health service under one roof, why go anywhere else when we have everything you need?

We have more clinics, more appointments, and more people to meet your occ health needs. Mobile Health has the largest dedicated occ health footprint in NYC, with all 40 locations right next to mass transit. Not to mention we have 600+ locations state-wide, and over 6,500 throughout the country.

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Build Your Own Testing Program

Your needs are different  not one size fits all. New hires? Weekly drug testing? Annual testing? With every exam you would want from one comprehensive provider, Mobile Health has your unique pre-employment testing needs covered.

On-Demand Results

Results typically come in 48 hours and you have immediate access to them in your Client Portal. And they remain in your Client Portal, so you’ll never have to dig through your emails or piles of paper again.

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