Nothing is faster than a New York minute, but our pre-employment testing services are pretty close. With results in less than 48 hours on average and 40 convenient locations throughout NYC, our occupational health services are your answer to screening fast so you can hire fast. We also make it easy, with industry-specific expertise and 40 years of clinical experience.

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All Services. One Provider. CUE THE Savings.

From drug testing to physicals, TB testing to vaccines, and respirator fit testing to vision screenings, we can do it all for you. That means one provider for all your NYC pre-employment screening needs, and almost always saves you time and money. Explore our services and then contact us about creating custom exam packages to see how much you could save!

Employee Hearing Screening | Mobile Health


Audiometric testing and acuity screening for pre-employment & OSHA hearing conservation programs.

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Our whisper and audiometer tests help you hire qualified candidates and comply with OSHA Hearing Conservation Program standards.
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Our average turnaround for results is 1.9 days. That’s less than 48 hours. And that’s important to employers like you, because the sooner you get results, the sooner your employees can start work.


From scheduling to real-time results to document management, our portals help streamline the pre-employment testing process, so you can focus more on your team and your work.


We have 40 locations throughout NYC that are easily accessible via mass transit. Plus, we have almost 700 locations state-wide, and over 6,500 nationwide.


Want us to come to you? Not a problem! We can turn any space, from a break room to a parking lot, into a testing environment. You tell us where and when, we’ll bring the supplies, the team, and the experience.


Mobile Health started in New York in 1984, and we’ve been growing with the city ever since. So not only do we understand your pre-employment testing needs from an industry and regulatory standpoint, but also from being here ourselves.


Get only the services you need, customized to your industry and regulatory requirements. Not sure what you need? We’ll walk alongside you and pull from our clinical and compliance expertise and experience to create a custom package.

Explore OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES for your industry

OSHA-compliant services at 40 conveniently placed clinics throughout NYCDrug testinghearing and vision testingrespirator fit testingphysical abilities testing, and more. Every service you need to screen and clear employees in 48 hours on average.

All services under one roof to clear your students for clinicals faster than ever. Tuberculosis testing, respirator fit testing, drug screening, vaccines and titers, plus any other screening your students need. And with 40 locations throughout the city, there’s bound to be a clinic just a few blocks from campus.

Let NYC’s #1 employment screening provider clear your candidates in record time. Drug testing, plus every other medical employment screening, with results in 48 hours on average at 40 convenient locations throughout the city, located near mass transit.

Ensure OSHA and DOH-compliance with us. Our comprehensive NYC occupational health services are backed by 40 years of clinical excellence in the industry – respirator fit testingvaccines and titersphysicalstuberculosis testingdrug testing and more. Every screening your candidates need in one appointment, with convenient locations throughout the NYC.

Comprehensive OSHA-compliant screenings, with results in 48 hours on average. Mobile Health has everything to screen and clear your employees in one single appointment – drug testing, respirator fit testing, physical ability testing, hearing testing and vision screening, and more. All backed by 40 years of clinical excellence.

Drug testing, audiograms, respirator fit testing, and physical abilities testing all happen in one appointment at any of our 40 convenient locations throughout NYC. And with cost savings likely, why wouldn’t you work with a fellow New York company?

40 years of occupational health expertise through drug testing, physicals, hearing and vision testing and more. Everything you need to clear employees all in one comprehensive appointment. Occupational health has never been so easy.

No matter who you’re staffing, we have you covered. Every employment screening, with 40 locations across the five boroughs right near mass transit. Physicalsdrug testingrespirator fit testingaudio and visionvaccines, and more, all in one comprehensive appointment. And with industry-leading results turnaround in 48 hours on average, your candidates will be on the job faster than ever before.

Let’s clear your candidates in record time. Drug testing, plus every other pre-employment screening, backed by 40 years of clinical excellence. The best part? You get results in 48 hours on average.

Comprehensive DOT exams with results in 48 hours on average. Mobile Health has everything to screen and clear your drivers – drug testing, hearing testing and vision screening, and more. All through one comprehensive appointment at any of our 40 locations throughout the five boroughs.

Don’t see your industry? Contact one of our experts about building a comprehensive occ health program customized to your needs.