Flexible Employee Screening For Healthcare

The healthcare industry is fast-paced and intense. This is why employee screening can often be difficult for healthcare. Mobile Health provides the perfect solution, flexible employee screening services, enabling healthcare workforces to access employee screening in the way that best suits them. Through on-site, mobile, and in-clinic employee screening, our services work around your needs with minimal to no disruption for your healthcare workforce.  


On-Site Employee Screening 

At Mobile Health, we pride ourselves on making our employee screening services as flexible as possible. One of the ways we do this is by bringing our clinic to you. Mobile Health’s on-site teams bring our services anywhere you need us: drug testing, physical exams, TB testing, vaccines, respirator fit testing, and more. Every employee screening service can be brought to you on-site. Our team can develop a custom program for your healthcare workforce, satisfying your employee screening needs as efficiently as possible. For a flexible employee screening solution for your healthcare workforce, contact Mobile Health to have us bring our employee screening services to you. 


Mobile Employee Screening 

Another way we can provide a flexible employee screening solution for healthcare is through our mobile employee screening services. Mobile Health’s mobile fleet will show up at any location, providing the staff, supplies, technology and clinical protocols required to screen your employees successfully. Mobile Health has transformed the way that mobile occupational health solutions are delivered. By bringing the employee screening clinic to you, you can choose a time that works for your staff and avoid waiting rooms and disruptions. Whether you need respirator fit testing, drug and alcohol testing, employee physicals or even employee hearing testing, our mobile teams can provide you with the employee screening solutions you need. 


In-Clinic Employee Screening 

Mobile Health has over 6500 clinic locations across the country, all offering a comprehensive suite of employee screening services. Your employees’ screening results, and the speed at which you receive these results, will always be our top priority. Our clients receive their results 4 days faster compared to other employee screening service providers. This will enable your healthcare workers to get back to work faster. Better yet, you won’t need to worry about paperwork slowing anything down. All the results will be live in your Mobile Health portal for you to access whenever you need them. You can also send healthcare employees to any of our clinics if you need additional screening services following an on-site or mobile employee screening program. 


Get started with the employee screening experts at Mobile Health today! Whether you need employee physicals, drug and alcohol testing, vaccinations, or even DOT physicals, you can rely on our experienced team. Find the flexible employee screening solutions you need for your healthcare workforce with Mobile Health. 

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