6,500+ nationwide locations with comprehensive services. Everything you need right in your employee’s backyard ─ respirator fit testing, physical exams, drug testing, vaccines, and more. Our industry-dominating footprint is a powerful resource. That’s why we’re #1 in occupational health.

Move Forward Faster

At our clinics, your employees’ results are our top priority. On average, our clients get their results four days faster than other providers. Last year, Mobile Health saved our clients 2.9 MILLION days in waiting for results. You won’t have to call or email to find the documentation you need, it’s already live in your Mobile Health portal.


We make occupational health less clicks and less calls. You can schedule next-day appointments in under 30 seconds for as many services as you need. Our client portal is built for you to get your job done faster. Schedule a drug test, physical, and hearing test, all in a few clicks.

We're in your Neighborhood

We’ve got you. No matter where you are or where your employees are. With 6,500+ locations nationwide, we make occupational health easy. Right in around the corner is a clinic staffed with board-certified physicians, registered nurses, and technicians ready to serve your employees.

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