Covid-19 Vaccine Administration

Let’s make it easy to keep your workforce protected. Our trained medical staff arrives at your location with everything needed to run an efficient program to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine with no disruption to the workday. Mobile Health’s HIPAA-compliant
technology integrates with your ATS/HRIS system for simplified tracking.

End-To-End Operation

We bring our own PPE, create a space that is private, and provide a seamless experience from scheduling to follow-up. We adhere to all CDC guidelines, monitor patients for adverse reaction, and handle the entire process end-to-end.

Mobile Health | COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Vaccine Technology

Mobile Health’s vaccine technology tracks administration, repeat dosing, and is DOH and HIPAA reporting compliant. You don’t have to worry about getting your employees’ information to appropriate Department of Health officials, we take care of that for you.

Mobile Health | COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Your Shot, Your Schedule

When you have thousands of employees with conflicting schedules that need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, we are the team for the job. We are on-site as long as you need us. From weeklong, multi-site events to every employee vaccinated in one day, we make it happen.


Public health departments have partnered with us to ensure every resident has the access they deserve to the COVID-19 vaccine. Our mobile units have deployed to vaccinate rural, homebound, and at-risk populations. Let’s make a plan and put our mobile fleet to work for you.

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